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Well in preparation for my MOT next month I have had my car in to look at a few problems.

Firstly I had cv grease leaking from the boot, this turned out to be a pin ***** hole and his advice was to seal the hole with glue and place a rubber repair patch over it as it was literally tiny and not worth the effort to replace.

Secondly the boot for the steering arm on the drivers side has a huge hole in it, which is apparently an instant fail. EB spares sell these for £7.50 so its not a huge problem.

Couldn't find the source of my annoying oil leak, which I suspect is because I didn't put the heat exchanger on properly, next oil and filter change I'll check that.

Finally when the car was up in the air I discovered that the passenger lower wishbone ball joint rubber had completely come apart, and my mechanic said the bushes on the arm to subframe mounts didn't look too clever either. Now this part is approx 10 months old and has done 4,000 miles, which I think is absolutely shocking for any component. It is an ocap unit from Shop4parts who say that they don't have a high failure rate with these parts but if I want they'll sell me the official alfa ones but they have to sell in pairs.
I have a top wishbone from EB spares made by ocap and the ball joint rubber is damaged on that one as well, so I am not too sure about ocap.
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