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I bought my 1999 2.0TS Spider in silver, last October with a month of MOT left. My second 2.0TS in 7 months.
I replaced the rear wheel bearing straight away, as it was very noisy.
I noted that the brakes were feeling dead, and the stopping power was below what i had on my last spider, scary
I have been collecting parts since November, when they have been cheap on ebay, or when GSF had weekend discounts.
I finally got around to replacing all the parts required a couple of weeks ago.
I have replaced front discs, Radiator, thermostat, thermostat temp sender.
Stripped and cleaned and lubricated on reassembly the rear calipers, fitted new pads.
Stripped cleaned and replaced front caliperpistons, new front brake pads.
Bled brake fluid all round.
Yesterday I managed to get the belt pretensioner wires under the seats soldered together, and tie wrapped the connectors into the pre tensioners.
Another friend came around and reset the airbag light, and got rid of the temp sensor error.
I took them both for a curry at the local Wetherspoons :classic:

Well April Fool's day, and off for the MOT, a nervous wander around Taunton like an expectant father, and then the result.
One torn wiper blade, and a worn track rod end, so not too bad.

Europarts will have the parts tomorrow, so hopefully will get retested next week, if not tomorrow.
Happy days!
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