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I have an MOT fail item called, “exhaust fumes entering the cabin” .... #awkward!
I’ve also had a slight oil leak for a while & a whistling sound during harder acceleration. I just watched the engine running for a couple of mins & noticed smoke/vapour coming from the the vertical end of that hose I’ve highlighted in pic1.

I found the hose is just sitting loose in it’s female mate underneath, I can simply lift it out & I noticed with engine running howthe end of the hose was jumping upwards! My initial thought was that a jubilee clip should sort it but as you see in pic2 there is a jubilee clip holding the rubber hose to its metal mate, however the metal piece of pipe about 3” in length isn’t secure underneath. I’m thinking this hose is the cause of the fumes, oil leak & whistling at higher revs, what you reckon & how should it be secured?


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