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MoS2 oil additive

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Worth or not add MoS2 (molibden disulfure)oil additive by germany Liqui Moly at the oil change in a motor with 29.000 kms (18.000 miles ).
Do you have a better motor protection or not ?

Best Regards
Jorge :confused:
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hello there !
i think it's not a good idea to mix mos2 in synthetic oil, i've read somewhere it's not very usefull ! take a good oil (castrol, mobil or something like that ! )
make the oilchange when the machine is warm ! i put allways a product from the firm stp to the oil, it's for fully synthetic oils !
hope this helps you, best regards !

In the UK we have a product called "Slick 50".
Add it to the oil only once !!! It coats all the moving engine parts in Teflon (I think) which reduces damage caused by friction etc. You can add this at any time, not just at your oil change. Once added, you don't need to do it again, even when you change oil.

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