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I have a 1997 spider and it is a lovely thing apart from the roof has just started playing up. I have been through numerous threads and may have missed the answer so sorry.

This is what happens:

From the hood being up I press the button and nothing happens apart from the light flashing (it also flashes when i put the ignition on). The over ride buttons are pressed, the ignition switched off and the hood is lowered manually and secured with the over ride button.

From being down i press the button and the roof goes through the full process of coming up until the back window is lowering at the end, then it stops before it reaches the micro switches (I think). Turning the ignition off allows the hood to be secured.

I have changed the troublesome nylon cog in the hood release motor behind the speaker.

I have checked the fluid level - it is fine now I have slightly topped it up.

I have disconnected the battery

I have manually lowered and raised the hood several times.

please help - thanks so much
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