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I got my amazing new Mito yesterday and one of the first things I wanted to get set up today was multi-media, but I've hit a wall and need some help.

The Bluetooth side of it is all connected and I've made a call and apart from getting used to what buttons do what on the wheel, that side is fine. What I can't get working is music. I'm fairly confident I've updated to 5.6 successfully (after doing 5.5 first). Now when clicking on the media button, the screen does not say "No Media Connected" as it used to but the unit screen goes blank. When trying to navigate the media player from the wheel i can select "Artists" for example, and I get a "please wait" message. I have realised that the voice on the media player is muted whenever it is used every time i try this and it can only be heard after increasing the volume. When doing this I get the voice message saying "Building Media Library, please wait". I did wait, about 10 minutes, and nothing happened. I'm not sure if i need to wait longer, or if it's a case of the phone not being compatible or the fact it's music through iTunes (if it is, I'm not sure why because I can play music through the handset itself after using Easy Phone Sync - Samsung app).

Also, my USB port sits infront of the gear stick, not in the glovebox, not sure if this matters as everywhere I've seen talks about using the glovebox USB. And also (again), I can't find an AUX port anywhere, which I'm more than happy to use but again would prefer to get it hooked up through Blue&Me

So in summary:
Not sure if Galaxy Note II works with Blue&Me
Media Library needs to build but not really sure what the best way to go about it is.
No AUX port to be found
Recorded message voice is set to mute as a default so I might be missing some messages

I appreciate any help on this. Would be amazing to get this sorted out rather than have to burn loads of CDs.
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