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Hi All,

I'm Benji and I bought my first Alfa' a few weeks ago. Was happy with it when I left, everything seemed alright but after owning it about 2 weeks or so I have noticed an unusually loud bumpy, rattling sound coming from the engine bay which wasn't there when the car was purchased. When it was purchased it was as smooth as butter but not it's like clunky. I really don't know how to describe the sound but I'll try my best to describe what it's like. You can also feel it being slightly more "juddery" as well.

The car is a 2011 MiTo 1.4 TB MultiAir 135 Veloce on a 60 plate with 24000 miles on the clock.

Coming to the point of the power delivery. If I were to put my foot down, it would start accelerating for about half a second, then it would stop for a split second and then start again. It's like you tell the car to go, but it hesitates. It's sort of like me putting my foot down and then taking it off and putting it back on the power really quickly. I didn't have this when leaving the dealer but it is defiantly something that has developed. I haven't seen or notice it getting any worse over the couple of days it has been like this. I'll call the dealer and see if they have an idea what it is but I thought I would post on here to see if anyone here has a similar issue or knows what it could most likely be.

Prior to posting this I have also searched the site for similar symptoms and I found this thread about a worn turbo so I checked the car with a mate and this isn't the problem I have. The turbo sounds normal.

The sound is mostly noticeable around 5000 RPM or so. And that's about all I can say as of now. I'm just a bit worried mostly about it hesitating when accelerating as it has screwed me over when trying to overtake before and it gets on my moobs a bit :<

Anyway, sorry it's a bit of a crap explanation but it's really all I got. Any advice or insight into a possible solution would really be appreciated. :thumbs:

- Benji
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