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Mito QV 2010
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Hi! I have mito qv (2010)
i have boost cut and fluctuation on high rpm.
During full thorttle the boost going to peak... and... i hear PIISSTTT sound at dv.
After going to high rpm (4500+rpm) boost begins to fluctuate (for example 20psi>12psi>18psi>14psi...)
I'm using MES and torque pro with fiat adv. ex. I see the following these programs;
When was boost cutting or fluctuate;
Thorttle body ( For MES thorttle body position, for Torque TBI) %25,5 > %12 > %25,5 > %12...
Fuel flow 60 lt/h > 48 lt/h > 58 lt/h > 50 lt/h ...
Pressure down and begin fluctuate
No error code
Checked list:
N75 valve: changed
N75 pipes: controlled
Intercooler pipes: controlled
Dv: raplaced and checked with new one
Wastegate: compression test done (0.7 bar)
Spark plug: new
Coil packs: raplaced and checked with new
Air filter: new
MAP sensor: Cleaned (sensor reads atmospheric pressure normally)
Gas pedal sensor: controlled
Next step
thorttle body and fuel pump...
I am going to crazy... Anybody have an idea?
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