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Hello all,

My wife just bought a MiTo with 80000kms (50000 miles) yesterday. We love it's looks. It's simply the best small looking car around.

She comes from a Japanese car (Mazda 2 MKII). Comparing the two, I find the Alfa more rattling. It does some minor "bump sounds" when driving slow on irregular roads around town, especially on the back. I suppose it's the back train since the car has its boot clean.

Nevertheless, one thing becomes to worry us. Today it started to buzz, also from the back. It seems to me a fuel pump buzz, since it's very much alike the noise it does for a brief second when we turn the ignition key on without even start the engine.

It worries me because we drove it for some 20 kms today with a permanent buzz. We fuelled up the tank before driving, just to see if the noise went away but it didn't.

It's my first experience with a 1.3 JTD so I don't know this engine at all.

Any comments on this will be very appreciated.

Thank you.
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