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Was reading an article on the Daily Telegraphy motoring website (sorry don't know how to do a link) which highlights just how widespread the mis selling of ex rental cars.

It happened to me, I was told it was ex Alfa management and it was actually ex Hertz when the V5 landed on my door mat, and because I personally would not have bought an ex rental car, I was able to get all my money back from the Alfa dealership.

Turns out this has been going on for years accross many dealerships and many brands. This was all news to me, I thought I had been shafted by an unprofessional salesman, turns out he was not alone.

Worth a read if someone can post a link as it serves as a warning. If you are happy to buy ex rental then why not, good discounts on nearly new cars. But if that's not for you make sure you do your home work. I'lll never buy a second hand car from a dealership without doing some careful checking on who the previous owner was.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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