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2006 Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS
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Hi Guys,

I am toying with the idea of parting with my much loved 2002 156 2.4 JTD and would like to see if anyone on here would possibly be interested. I have a GT 2.0 JTS to start working on plus two other cars...
I've been making as near to mint as I can with the help of a well known Alfa specialist in Wolverhampton. It's only had one owner prior to me, good history and only 64k on the clock, the lowest I've seen on a JTD in years. It has decent performance and an average fuel economy of 45mpg it's not V6 quick but it's very entertaining to drive and only use the car on weekends.
The front suspension has been rebuilt, the filters and fluids have just been changed, the brake pads and discs have a few hundred miles on them, mechanically the car has never needed for anything. Clutch is perfect, the gear change is smooth, drives perfectly and stops as it should, temperature stays very steady on hottest of summer days and on long trips.
The bodywork is very good for a nearly 20 year old car, no rust or lacquer peel, only minor marks as you would expect. The floor pan has just had the minimal rust cut out, welded in new metal and treated and waxoiled by the Alfa specialist. I have reconditioned the door mirrors, no pitting or lifting paint on the alloy parts. The headlights were looking a little tired so I sourced a pair of genuine GTA headlights which I reconditioned, a subtle upgrade that brings the car up to date. Both front and rear badges have been replaced with genuine Alfa parts and replaced both front and rear number plates.
Full black momo leather interior, no rips, tears, drivers bolster is fine. The electric windows and mirrors all work fine. The rear view mirror was going misty so I replace it with a new old stock part. Carpets are in good condition as floor mats always used. The heater matrix and air conditioning both work well (not the usual aircon needs to be re-gassed). The boot has a tailored rubber liner and as a result the carpet is in good condition.

This is not an advert! I am simply trying to gauge interest and see if anyone here would genuinely be interested, I am reluctant for it to go to someone who sees it as a car for hammering up and down the motorway for work. I am sure it could do so but it's far too good to be treated like that, hence this post.


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