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Over the last few months Ive installed the Alfaholics handling kit and associated suspension bushes and would like to share some learnings I picked up for the benefit of those tackling the same in the future.

Before you begin, look at all the bushes you will have to press in, out or hit with a hammer. Go to the hardware store and find appropriate drifts/dollies/bits of pipe so fit each to enable safe pressing/hitting and not damaging anything impotant. I wasted so much time going to buy this or that.

- there are some horror stories of people struggling with the rear trailing arm bushes. I thought that as I had access to a hydraulic press it would be easy although I quickly gave up for fear of bending the arm. The press didnt move them a millimeter. So you have to cut out the bushes by hand. No way around it. There is a good guide on Alfabb

(rear trailing arm busings????... - Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums)

, but remember to make sure the outer metal bush shell is cut/split before even starting to hit it with a hammer. All effort is wasted until the thing is cut through. A cold chisel is useful. Remove the rubber in the bush with a drill or saw. Burning it makes a horrible sticky mess and didnt help me much at all.

- hold the shock absorbers with multi-grips at the bottom to stop them turning when undoing the lock nut.

- buy replacement drop links with pre-installed bushes. Not much more expensive than the bushes and saves hours of painful work
- fit drop links to new anti-roll bar off the car, aligning the drop link angles with the old anti-roll bar. See here for discussion:

- drop links have to be hit on with a hammer. Hit them hard! The bar angle doesnt allow them to be pressed on. Buy a heavier hammer and make sure your bench/vice is solid. The lock bolt thing on the anti-roll bar isnt strong enought to push on the link.

- A regular spring compressor doesnt fit. The threaded rods can be used to lower the spring pan in a safe manner, but it takes forever. Use these in conjunction with a floor jack, which can take the spring load while the rods ensure nothing can pop out
- lube the bottom shock mount pins before pushing on the shock. My hitting it with a hammer was most ineffective but with a bit of grease, they slid together fine.

Feel free to add to this, or comment on what I got wrong! Best of luck....
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