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Hi everyone.

I just joined up as I am now the proud owner of a 159 Ti. Love driving it - bags of fun!

However the one thing that's annoying the hell out of me is the media player.

I have a 4GB memory key containing my mp3s, all dutifully catalogued in folders. Problem is, the car consistently fails to detect the memory key when I switch it on. More precisely:

1. I open the door, get in the car and insert the car key (block, brick, whatever...)
2. "Media Player" displays on the stereo screen for about 5 seconds
3. Then the stereo reverts to radio. I try to select the media player but it says "Source Not Found"
3. I pull out the memory key and reinsert it, and hey presto, the memory key is detected and the mp3s start playing again.

I have tried the following:
1. Use a different memory key (2GB) - same problem;
2. Change the media player Autoplay setting - no effect

So it's very annoying!.

I'm out of ideas - anyone else have this problem?

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