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hi Guys

I have 2 questions .

1. My clutch pedal stopped working this morning and I'm a bit stuck. It was very heavy in traffic and also the first half of pressing it down was smooth enough but the second half was very heavy.
I reckon it's one of the master or the slave cylinders but I'm not sure which . I looked at the master cylinder behind the clutch pedal and it seemed ok , bit of greece there but can't really tell if it's working or not . If I pump the pedal a few times I can get the clutch working but that's it. Not exactly ideal .

Anyhow how do I know which one to replace and does anyone have a PDF on how to replace them . I know where the slave is , again a PDF would be great .

Oh also my driver side rear calliper is ceased I think , . I had it off this morning too. Anyone got a PDF on how to dismantle and lube free up the piston . When I pulled up the handbrake it seemed slow to move and very gritty when I was winding it back in to put the brakes back on . Is this a job I can do myself . I did the egr recently .

Thanks in advance

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