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Did anyone see this?

We watched the last couple (not sure how many there was) as Miss F loves this sort of stuff - typical easy Sunday night telly.

There did seem to be quite a lot of positive spin; fair enough really given the type of programme... always suspiciously sunny, everyone and everything warm, rosey, characterful, friendly and bright.

But I did wonder why he didn't delve a little deeper about true island life - like having to go for a seven mile boat trip in gale force nine winds in darkest winter just to buy some milk for example. Or how you'd be living amongst yokels that communicate with one another through the medium of grunting and make you feel about as welcome in their community as a French kiss at a family reunion. And how many of them call their elder sister 'Mummy', and how the actual islands are often twinned with themselves. :thumbs:

If any islanders are reading this I do apologise... but then I'd also like to know how you've managed to get the magic voodoo interweb on your microwave.
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