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Manifold to precat gasket.

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Hi,I am about to fit a new front pipe (flexi blowing) on my 147, it is a five stud fixing,(thanks italiaautoparts) I have a gasket for the frontpipe to cat join but none for the manifod to frontpipe join, are they firerings or a gasket for this join and are they reuseable?
Or should I wait and get some :confused:
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I have just done this job on Saturday and had the opposite problem to you. I was missing the gasket for the front pipe to back cat. I bought my front pipe 2nd hand and it came with the fireings which I have re-used as I was told that they were in good condition. So they are firerings.
Cheers funkyhead, think I'll press on then :thumbs:
Word of warning...make sure you give the studs/bolts etc a good spray with wd40 or something, I didn't at first and snapped one of the 5 studs clean off, problem is they are fixed/welded in so it would mean taking the manifold off and trying to weld a new one on or replace the manifold as well.

Also the 2 bolts connecting to the back cat were in bad condition and needed heating up and a socket hammering on before they could be removed...I started it on my drive way and ended up getting it finished at the garage...oh and big garages won't touch a 2nd hand part...what trouble I had, luckily I found a smaller garage who swapped it all over for £30.

I'll be interested to know how you get on with it mate. Hope it all goes well!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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