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Hi guys,

I received my Magneti Marelli chip a couple of days ago.

I mounted it and went out for a test drive.

Well, when giving full throttle the turbo was fluctuating a lot and it was a mess.

I talked to the support department where I bought it from (Italy) and they changed the mapping through remote admin of my computer through USB.

Well...the fluctuation when giving it maximum throttle disappeared (I can still see the turbo meter playing a bit during the first few seconds of full acceleration but then stabilizes afterwards).

What I do got, is an engine not always running smoothly in high gears during low rpms and little throttle (grandma driving). It's like its hesitating (like shivers).

I spoke to a few people and they think an influencing factor is the low air temps we got here in Sweden (and its a semi valid point because its worse when the engine is cold).

No, my questions is...has anyone had a similar experience with a chip tuning, independent of tuner brand?

Any feedback would be extremely appreciated.
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