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Hi gents

GT JTD 06 125k miles.

I had flatspots at around 1500-2500rpm, classic MAF symptoms, so it was duly replaced with a genuine Alfa MAF from Jamie Porter along with the hose between it and the turbo. I was getting codes on EcuScan of MAF air quantity and quality. The old MAF was also a bit oily, surprising given it is straight after the air filter.

The new MAF restored a few horses and the flatspot had all but disappeared, however I am now getting the air quantity code repeatedly flag up, typically at idle. It seems more air than is desired is going through the MAF, 500 somethings (can't recall the units ATM) is the measurement and 300 is what the engine is demanding, the graph for the MAF also looks a bit spikey. The flatspots seems a bit intermittant, sometimes linear from low revs, other times it seems to get bogged down then flies as the turbo kicks in.

The accompanying text suggests air leaks, but I have new MAF to turbo hose, silicone top and bottom pipes all done up tightly.

Do I start pulling the car apart or is the MAF likely to be faulty?

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