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Madeno or AW-Delta exhaust manifold?

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Last one, promise!!!
Had a look at both Madeno ( and AW-Delta ( and they appear to offer some serious manifolds for 2.0L 16V engines amongst others!!! Although I have contacted both, I guess that they didn't understand my questions in English and therefore never bothered to reply; don't blame them!!! Although they are not doing themselves any favours since I'm up for spending some cash on some serious kit. Both manifolds appear to do away with the EGR take off pipe to be found on the standard exhaust manifold (more precisely that of cylinder no.4). Now, does anyone know what you would have to do in order to fit these? I guess you would scrap the EGR hardware but then again, what kind of modification would you need to perform in order to fool the ECU in thinking that it never had it in the first place?

Secondly, I'm aware that EGR is commonly used for two reasons:
1. It recycles exhaust gases and inputs them in the combustion chamber once again to improve fuel economy at part throttle.
2. It lowers combustion temperatures with a view to reducing NOx emissions and the risk of incurring fatal engine knock.

So, why are these tuners scrapping the EGR - if they are doing so of course - and how do they deal with the fact that they are increasing the risk of knock especially if fitting high-lift and longer duration cams?

Any thoughts are appreciated, especially from those who might have gone the full honk and had these fitted to their beloved machines.