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So driving along last night between south mimms and the m1 junction. Gantry changed to 50 and I duly obliged. Next gantry went down to 40 and with the wife and 2 kids getting rather flustered I seem to have been slow to slow down further. Looking in rear view there was about a dozen or more flashes.

Will this get me a fine and points anybody know or been unlucky enough to get caught? There's much on the web about these cameras not working.


Amongst all the usual forum of speculation that is bound to take place on this.....I think you should have your def. answer within 2 weeks. If got away with it.
Don't worry, if you got collarered and it's 1st offence, they will offer you a speed awareness course or 3 points.
Insurance co. won't give a toss about the 3 points.
I currently have 11 and my insurance was affected by 20 quid!(3 come off this Aug).
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