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:confused:159 2.4 JTDM. My Alfa is very lumpy on a cold start. I have replaced the glo plugs w/only a minor improvement. The car will also occasionally miss when cruising @1500-1800 rpm. Any ideas:confused:( i suspect the air flow meter, can its be refurbed? How much is a new one)?:cry:
I had an advisory on my mot for front uper suspension arm pin/bush, and track rod ball joint, any advise on where i can source replacements at best cost, and tips on fitting(as i would like to do the job myself) would be:)much appreciated.
This is my first Alfa and i LOVE it, owned a Passat R36:wow: before it, the Alfa has tons more character:thumbs:
P.S Hello to AO member Betty Swallocks who i met at my local garage the other day....small world:D
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