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Hi all posted on here a couple of weeks ago regarding loss of coolant, thought I'd share my jamminess with you all.

I worked out the water pump was jiggered and knowing the risks got Gabriella trailered to a workshop, he was busy and I was in no mood to rush him. The bearings had gone in the pump and so the seals were buggered hence the loss of fluid, but the horrifying bit was the the pulley when he dismantled the engine, the pulley had all bar disintegrated and was in four pieces with only one third of the teeth remaining on the pulley,the rest was floating round in the cover! the balance belt had also snapped. damage done? NONE! The engineer could not believe she hadnt thrown her belt and died.

Collected her today and was shown the bits scary to say the least the cambelt itself was also damaged chewed around the edge and a chunk out of it. So Gabriella now has a new cambelt, balance belt, water pump, shiny new discs and pads and fresh oil and filter.

The moral of this story, if you suddenly loose water check around the cambelt cover you never know. You may not be as jammy as me:soapbox::teacher:

Lucky VBM
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