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I know some of you guys have done this, if anyone who has could provide info, it would be awesome.

Did you require shorter drop links on the suspension? And we're original top mounts fine too? It's on the list of things to do to improve the few flaws I think my 2010 cloverleaf has, and obviously gathering as much info as possible before I spend my cash.

Initially it's going to be on the standard 18' turbines I think, but considering the 19' brera prodrives as a replacement for these, would that make any impact also? And what spacers are going to push the wheel out enough so it's not going to smash my brake callipers to bits when I pull away? Thinking 35mm on the rear and 25 on the fronts, but that may require rolling of the arches too.

Any and all help appreciated.

Cheers guys ??

(Ps I've saw a couple of threads while I've lurked for a while turn into insurance debates, yes each and every modification made to my vehicle is declared, including recent non OEM brake pads and discs, as it should be)
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