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I have a 166 2.5 and noticed since I bought the car half a year ago and especially after some servicing done to the car, that the odometer light blinks a bit at idle.

Initially, I changed the battery with a new one, but the flickering continues. I then put the OBD + Multiecuscan and got around 13.3V,13.2V, sometimes 13V

At idle, I get very low readings at around 13.00 and when I think the fan starts, it drops to 12.6V

While at idle, I also measured the voltage with a multimeter at the battery and was around 13.8V and when the fans kick it drops to 13.3

I had a big service done to the car recently (gearbox, intake runners, etc) and for the alternator we changed the regulator.

Could it be that the part we changed is bad, or there is an earth point that is not clean, or simply the alternator is gone?

Many thanks


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