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Hi, to whoever may take the time out to read this post haha!

Name is Jamie, from Essex, proud owner of my second Alfa 147 Q2 Cloverleaf Ducati Corse after my previous one was written off so i had to have another! (Not my fault may i add) Actually bought the second car from a guy on here, for the life of me I cannot remember he's full name, James something though. A post was written up on here on the car also by a professional blogger I think.

Unknowingly to me the intercooler pipe eventually fudged up the turbo which I replaced, as the pipe was split since purchase and was wrapped with silver duct tape!!

Cutting a long story short, in all my excitement I've left the oil cap off after refilling her with oil and drove to work for 2 days (amounting to 132 miles) in this time the engine has cut out on me with low oil pressure message. I've got back to my garage, opened bonnet and oil had splashed out quite a bit.

I'm now getting a knocking sound, more so at idle and low revs, once past a certain rev point and cars driving, she's fine. A friend has listened to her and suggested that it may be the main ball bearings and/or the big end shells?

If anyone knows what I may have done if leaving the oil cap off may have caused this? Any help would be much appreciated.
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