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What a lovely day :)

My mum's back in the Uk for a week or so, so I went and collected my nan, and then drove us for an hour to my sister's place. Mum's staying there, with my sister, bro-in-law, and my little niece.

We spent the afternoon outside, the warmth of the sun kicking the winter chill into touch for good, as we tucked into/demolished :) a delicious and loaded Sunday lunch. I got teased by my niece for painting (yep, we did painting) a giraffe that looked nothing like a giraffe lol, oh dear :cheese: . These pesky kids and their darn standards! :lol:

My sis had a random music loop playing in the background, and this sweet tune playing fitted the day's warmth, gentle breeze and bonhomie perfectly.

YouTube - Fastball - Out Of My Head

One good day like this makes up for so much :thumbs:
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