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After reading the thread on 'Tron's' White GTA with the 18" Tele's I was checking out the site that manufactures them in Japan & downloaded some pic's from there gallery.

Tron has not posted/been active on this forum in over a year, on another thread someone mentioned it was up for sale but the link they posted was out of date, anyone know how to go about tracking this car down? Besides the Maserati White paint job its also got a lot done underneath.........................

- PCD 98 18" x 8" ET 35mm forged GTA rims (approx 8kg each)
- on michelin Pilotsport2 225/40/18
- Tarox G88 rear discs & fast road pads
- steel braided brake hoses.
- Bilstein PSS9 coilovers
- Saclam centre & rear exhaust
- Asso CF pipe
- HKS circle earth
- K&N drop in filter
- Carbon fibre strut bar
- Asso lower strut brace
- aftermarket EFX battery - lighter & smaller but more powerful; claimed to last up to 2-3 years frm date of fitting
- "Panel beat" customised aluminium undertray - very cheap but lightweight & does its job well of giving me more height & a smoother belly
- DEfi BF (red colour) oil temp & pressure gauges
- milled aluminium engine oil cap
- Carbon fibre bits here & there plus clover leaf

What Tron said about the 18" teledials:

1) there was never any doubt whatsoever that the 18" GTA teledials ARE REPLICAS.

2) the 18" GTA teledials are 100% made in Japan. Markings on the inner wheel shows the Japanese manufacturer details & specs of the rims.

3) Because it is one piece FORGED, There are limitations to manufacture the teledials to the exact same look in the centre hub. The rims are extremely light for this type of design - 8.9kg. I forgot the max load before it breaks but it was stamped onto the inner side of the rims.

The balance of the rims were also perfect. All the 4 rims required only 1 to 2 piece of weights to get it balanced.

4) What i was told when i was in Japan to purchase these rims was that the official AR dealer in Japan has got too many requests from customers wanting GTA teledials in 18". Therefore it commissioned a Japanese wheel manufacturer to make these rims.

That is why you get the same offset of the GTA at ET 35mm. With 18 x 8" and PCD 98.

5) I purchased my 18" gta teledials from exactly this e-tire shop in japan. It is located right in the suburbs and was some 20 mins walking distance away from the JR line station.

6) I purchased the rims landed in Singapore for a price of approx GBP435 per rim. At current SGD vs GBP exchange rates.

7) There are much cheaper GTA replicas in Asia but they come in 17" sizes only. For the price of 1 piece 18" forged rims, you can get a full set of 4 x 17" GTA replica rims! But make no mistake the finish is extremely poor and the cast method used to make them has caused them to crack apart when driving up north in Malaysia.

8) e-tire also sells 17" GTA replicas from Taiwan.... but they do not advertise it. It was in their shop when i was there though.....

And I think it might be Selespeed.

An AO member called 'Darth Vader' mentioned he had ordered a set from Japan but I couldn't find a follow up to this.

Has anyone actually bought and received a set from Japan or through a distributor here?

What Alfa manufactured rims at 18" will fit a 147/156 GTA, those 8C replicas are nice but look to small at 17".

Link to Japanese site with rims on other Alfa models.

SEIJYO TIRE on the web!

The only way to fund the rims would be to import some Alfa's into Singapore.....

WTF prices!

Used Alfa Romeo cars for sale, Singapore car prices & info - sgCarMart


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i agree, or the 18'' option you can get! The guy who built his GTA in his garage the green one had some damm sexy Miglia 1000's, or Zender Sienas

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the tele`s are the best looking ones out there :p
Yep, couldn't agree more! :thumbs:


I've got 17" GTA Replica wheels on my 156, originally they were produced in Italy but the new batch came from Japan via a UK importer!

The quality and finish is excellent and so far i've had no problems at all!


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Nice selection:thumbs:
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