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What a great weekend. Gots lots done on the Spider, took aerial out sorted motor and re greased all , now smooth and very happy. Fitted new speakers to the front doors, again very happy.
Went to take out the fan blower above the glove box, eeeeek. According to the work notes/manual,

1. take out screws DONE (think I took too many out, did the 4 at the top and the main 1 to towards the back but hey)
2. Move anticlockwise and pull down. Problem, move 2mm anticlockwose, that's it, cant pulldown.
3. Unclip the electrical connector. Problem, unable to.

Any help greatly appreciated, have searched threads and all looks easy, any hints and tips. Have I missed a screw, not sure as it does move anticlockwose a bit.

Many thanks
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