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As the title suggests, I have a strange problem with my Giulietta.

It’s a 2011 jtdm 140. The issue I’m having is quite strange. The car pulls and drives well, but occasionally, the gear change arrows stop working and the car looses power. It’s not in limp mode and there are no codes on the dash or stored in the system. When the power drops, the car feels like a 2.0 diesel with no turbo, just completely gutless. When I stop the car and turn off and in again, the car is back to normal.

This happens very randomly, but seems to occur more when coming off the motorway, slowing down, and then when I take off again the power is gone. Feels like the turbo is not working at all.

I hope there is someone who may have experience of this fault, or just some ideas of where to look.

Thanks in advance
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