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Hi all

Excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but only been back from Cardiff for a few hours having seen the Hammers perform, not :rant: !

Anyway, both front seats have some movement/play :( in the backs and am hoping to cure these this weekend. It is literally the back of the seat that moves If you rock it (the drivers more so than the passenger, but definately in both). Any tips on how these can be made more rigid again? Is it a seat out job? :confused:

Also, I have a new rear badge to fit the boot lock. Any tips on how to get the old (faded) one out? I guess the new one is the same process in reverse :confused: .

It would be nice to get these sorted before next seasons visit to Plymouth........ :rant:

As ever, truely grateful for your advices.


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The seat will rock a little bit all depends if its excessive or not

Re the boot badge there is a few threads kicking around about it try a search ...................i know the lock bit is held on by shear bolts and is a right TW*T to get off

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Re the boot lock cover. You can actually remove the old one using long thin pliers. There is a circlip, spring and a plastic washer to be removed before the badge will come off. This can be done without having to take off the plastic surround which holds the lock in place.

But to replace it you will almost certainly have to drill the two shearbolts out which hold the surround in place as l found it nearly impossible to get the parts back on without them falling into the recesses of the bootlid. You may manage it if you are patient but l gave up after an hour and took a drill to it!!! :D

Good Luck!! ;)

Ian H
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