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Greetings fellow Alfa owners.

I am looking for some serious HP for my 155 2.0 TS. Right now i have it chiped to 165hp.

Suposedly there is a guy here who has a 1.8ts with 280HP. If you see this mess, please get in contact with me, i am curious on how you did it.

Any ideas/Suggestions.

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year from Panama.


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'lo there...

first you start off with an exhaust and filter - i assume you've done this

getting the head ported and gas flowed would give you more go...
the next stage would be cams... relatively straight forward to do...
get stronger valve springs/double up the valve springs... it'll let you get higher revs without detonating the engine
(rev limiter can now be raised... will need the ecu remapped then)
Next would be to get the engine bored out a bit... bigger pistons etc.
Get lighter/stronger conrods and all connecting bits for the pistons...
Finally get it turbo'd/supercharged/Nitrous.

Once all this has been completed you can then start to add bits of plastic to the windscreen and carbon fiber to the door panels... truemax power style

I hope at least some of this is of any use


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Buy guy crofts book on tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin Cams to get a real idea of tuning. There is no use in changing to a hot camshaft if you are not going to raise the compression ratio as you will be left with an even larger hole in the torque curve at low revs. 280 bhp could be easily obtained by forced induction if thats what you were looking for but it will cost alot. You would be better off at looking at an engine conversion from another fiat/lancia/alfa that was already turbo charged as "diy" kits will never be as reliable/lag free as an original turbo powered car unless you spend ££££'s
A fiat Tipo 2.0 16v has been fitted with a Lancia twin cam turbo from an Intergrale (I think) details at
And if you wanted to push 280bhp through the front wheels then you would have to look at a pretty fancy traction control system/LSD or Both!!

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Hope your willing to spend serious money to get serious power.
Autodelta do a turbo conversion 220bhp I think is the outcome on a 16v.
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