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Hi all,
I am a brand new member of this forum. I'd like some assistance in getting my 2 Alfa 105 Sprints into tip top condition.
The cars come from South Africa, and are really clean, and rust free.
Paintwork is new, suspension , steering etc have all been overhauled, engines and gearboxes are good, but the interiors could use updating.
The one car is a 2000 gt 1975 model, and the other is a 1967 1300 junior with engine upgrade (2000 with twin 40mm webers)

I am hopeful that one of the members knows of a competent , fair priced practitioner in the art of bringing old car interiors back to life. Someone near Chichester would be ideal.

Both my cars need a little help in this department, and while I have reasonable mechanical skills, I have very little talent for interior upgrades.
If anyone knows of a person or company who could help, I'd be happy to hear about them.
Tom Bremner 07530948434
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