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Dear Alfa drivers

This is about my 2010 159 TB.

Every now and then my whole dashboard cluster cuts out. All counters, windows, lighting, even the hazard lights (one of the famous Vehicle protection system failures). In short, everything that's fed with the thick red cable that plugs next to the steering wheel in the fuse box. I have looked at the fuse box, the positive cable, fuses at the battery, etc and everything seems ok (the fault is sporadic, so that makes it nicely uncertain..).

The fact that even hazards lights are dead must be telling in my view, since I assume they are hooked up to the battery pretty much directly.

I need to know only where one, or all of the appliences hooked up to the fusebox go to the ground connection. One or two black ground cables go with the rest of the cables through the firewall but I can not see where they're going. I've heard something about under the carpet on the passenger side(mind you, mine is left hand driven), but I want make sure before I start to demolish it . Anyone have an idea? Or could anyone help me with the electric schematics for a 159? Thanks in advance and no, I will not forget to post the solution!

Regards, Bram.
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