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Just wondered if you could help.

I went to look at a 94 M 155 2.0 TS 8v on Sunday. The car seemed pretty genuine, but the alfa service history stopped in 2000 and the history only shows basic local (non alfa-specialist) servicing once a year since then. The car has 78,000 miles on the clock that looks to be genuine.

If I bought the car I'd put it straight in for a service, but what is going to need changing/replacing. I understand the 8 valve has a timing chain rather than a belt, would this necessarily need replacing or just visual checking? What other other belts/tensioners/mountings etc. would need replacing/checking? Does the 8 valve suffer from the same problems as the 16 valve with the variable valve timing? What would need checking for this? Any estimates on cost for this kind of service would be good, and a suggestion of a good alfa specialist nearish to west london would be great (what are like?)

Thanks in Advance


You're right, the 8v is a chain engine. It won't need changing. If it rattles, it can be tightened quite easily, but you have to do it right. It'd take about 15mins to do yourself. If it needs done, I'll post instructions.

Get the oil changed and make sure it's 10/40W. Don't use thinner oil than that.
The plugs can be bought from EBspares for about £20 for the 8. They are the OE 4 electrode Golden Lodge plugs and the engine seems to prefer these to any other plug.

Front wishbones and drop links may need changed. Wandering under heavy braking or when travelling at high speed could suggest these are to blame. Sometimes you might hear a rattling or clunking aswell. The drop links will cause a clunking as these attach the anti-roll bar to the wishbones.

Drop links are about £10 each and the wishbones can be found for about £30 each from motor factors. I got some from Alfashop for £35 each last year.

Welcome BTW :)
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