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Copy or not?

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Long posts & copy/paste

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When composing a long post, do you copy it before posting?
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Where is the poll!!

believe it or not, if I compose a particularly long rant then I get it out first then restructure it

sometimes it makes sense
I always check a long post, for continuity, that they make sense, and that I've made my point without careening off on a tangent. Not the short ones though

It's why the short ones sometimes don't make sense
I believe it is for those rare forum glitches where the page times out without posting the reply.
Where is the poll!!
Got distracted between, posting the original thread & the actual poll :eek:

All fixed :D
Anyhoo - I've got into the habit of doing so, because phone mode can be a bit of a 'mare as afar as losing long posts goes
What are these long posts you speak of :confused:



EDIT: Doh! DP beat me to it :rant:
I tend to hit submit, then re-read it and edit where necessary.
No. It's a good practice, but I've never got into the habit.

I also rarely proof read it as well as I should, and regularly go back and re-edit multiple times.
Same as Bazza.

I always read it back but, and I don't know why, I immediately spot errors on the posted version I just couldn't see in the draft.
I immediately spot errors on the posted version I just couldn't see in the draft.
I found that too, so I just skipped the draft and went straight to editing the final copy :lol:
My posts are always impeccably structured and perfectly worded, plus I type fast, so I don't often need to save/copy/edit or whatever. :cool:

I don't really do long posts (you're shocked.. I can tell :lol:) I've tried but by the time my two fingered typing has got what I want to say onto the page someone else has probably made the point anyway.
Always copy, 'laying out a long un' is something best done only once in my opinion:)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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