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Hi All

I am suffering similar central locking / alarm issues that many have reported. I think mine differ slightly in that when using the "plipper", the car will sometimes lock and arm the alarm, and sometimes simply arm the alarm leaving all the doors unlocked. The locks don't cycle or pop back up - they just work or they don't :(

I'll hopefully have some time to look into this over the coming days (I suspect it's the drivers or rear offside door actuator) but in the mean time is there an easy way to disconnect the alarm siren as it is randomly going off through the night and I think my neighbours are rapidly tiring of my new bella! ;)

Preferably a "non permanent" solution so I can reinstate the siren when the woes are sorted... ;)

Thanks everyone!

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Sorry to drag up an old thread but can someone tell me what exactly will happen if i unplug the alarm? Will it go off until its internal battery runs flat? Or can i do in a way that it doesn't think the car is being nicked! What is the best way just to disable the siren but leave the central locking etc intact?
I don't use the plip at the moment because, as with most cars i've owned that are past their first flush of youth, this is always a weak point in the system - the central locking or the door/boot/bonnet alarm sensors play up and then alarm starts going off when you're not around. I park in a residential area on my commute to work and i'm always half expecting that the alarm will start going off and i'll come back to find someone has taken matters into their own hands.
So i've slipped back into using the key all the time - but if i was sure the alarm wouldn't be a concern anymore then i'd go back to using the central locking.

I'm just fitting a tow bar at the moment (see next thread!) so i've got that area of the car all stripped out.
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