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little rubber mats in the doors of my 159..where are you?

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I recently bought a 159 1.9 jtdm, which I love and enjoy driving everyday to work. It has been superb, recently did a 7 hour non stop Loch Lomond to Camberley trip in it, what a pleasure it was...anyway you can see I am enjoying it..

But...there are a few bits missing from the car when I bought it, and as usual its the small things that take up so much time..

The little rubber mats that sit in the door handles....where can I get some from...I need to get the complete set of four...anybody selling or have some spare.

I have read a few chats that say they are not available from dealers, so I have looked at getting some cut, but that would be around 30 quid.

Anyone got any better suggestions, thank you....its just bugging me now I know they aren't there :))
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my last 159 had all 4 when i bought it and none when I sold it????? I personally believe them to be in the bottom of a polish car wash vacuum cleaner! My latest 159 still has all 4, not in the doors mind you but safely tucked away in the centre console away from those overzealous car cleaners!
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