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List of Giulia Quadrifoglio owners

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Hi Guys,

Thought it would be good to create a list and spec on here as I know many of us have orders down.

Please only add your name if you have physically ordered a car.

1. OperationAlfa - Rosso Competizione, Dark teledials, Steel Brakes, red calipers, sparco seats. March Delivery.
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This is from another thread but I will put it here as I think it would be useful for those with orders to further update on status in the future. At this time it would appear that changing your order is possible, however that may change leading into the New Year...

10 heavy variability allowed
15 light variability
16 firm no variability - I guess this means there's a fixed build slot too at this point
20 built
30 awaiting ship
40 on ship
50 at Portbury dock
55 transport instruction given - waiting for transport
60 at dealer
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