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Going to start the thread off for Nige as he forgot to do it :rolleyes:

Had a good turn out tonight from what we had orignaly expected! I cant not mention Nige trying out for the upcoming drift championship in his GTV6 on the way there :p

The people.....

The cars.......

As usual i missed a car or 2 :rolleyes: But im sure someone will be along at some point to add them

Another good meet, Thanks to Nige for organising it and for everyone who turned up :thumbs:

Was a great meet and a good turn out ... :D

Will 'try' and put up my pic's later .... but I wouldn't hold your breath :lol: ... however managed a few on face book tho .. :D

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Thanks to everyone who came along, a great Meet and even the weather held out for us.

Just a few from me, Aaron did a fine job ! :thumbs:

And no, I didn’t forget, just takes me a while to get going. :(

Like the idea of a drift competition ! :wow:

Finally. I was a little slow with the camera here, Joe is just out of shot on her way to the Pub, SatNav obviously working well. But you can see the 159’s tyre tracks………. !


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would that be me ... :lol:

Was a great drive home going .. the roads were good driving roads .. :D Made it home in less than 1 hour :D
Hope we werent to swift on that lovely country stretch across to the motorway its a really awsome piece of rd in day light but a little hairy in the dark especially the hill with the bend at the bottom those slow signs at the top really do need to be headed its caught so many clever people out in the past!! and that hump back bridge my favourite! (although not annes):lol:

Well .... I'm going to give it a try and see if I can put a few pic's up ..... :lol:

So here goes .... *please work .. please work *

First ... the folks .....

The 'Boss' Nige with Kris .. AAron .. Graeme .. Simon and his lovely wife ..

Next is Nige and Sloviken ....

Kriss and Aaron looking at 'something' in his boot ... quite what that was ... they wouldnt say ...

and finally ... I had to be on one ...

Now a few cars .[/IMG]

Please let this work ...... Just one pic would be good .... :D
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