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Limp Mode & Sports Setting on Q-tronic

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I know my car 2.4 159 (60k miles) had not been well recently... poor power uptake in low rev's, 15% drop in MPG... increased stuttering etc.. I expected to clean the EGR and MAF with carb cleaner imminently but today I think it went into limp mode for the first time.... no power etc... I arrived at work left it hoping it would be OK when I left.... It wasn't, drove still the same... going onto the M1 I tried putting it into sports mode on the auto gears setting and it did pick up and run much better... still a bit stuttery when stationary and not perfect but did come out of limp mode..

Has anybody else experience this, and give the symptoms and 'S' mode helping does this still point to the EGR and MAF...
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The S Mode holds lower gears longer so your engine would rev higher before changes. If your engine has an issue with air/fuel mixture it would run very badly at low revs and slightly better at higher revs (more air/fuel forced in) which may explain why it seems better in sport mode.

Sounds like you need to go the route you're already going, but if you can also add a couple more areas to look at:

1) Clean MAF & MAP
2) Clean EGR (unless blanked)
3) Check Air filter and replace if necessary
4) Check inlet manifold isn't blocked / coked up (common fault on the oil burners)
5) Clean the injectors (BG244 or Wynns in a concentrated dose)
6) Start using an additive in your diesel fill ups (Rhino works well)
7) Force a DPF regen (MCU Scan Needed)

Everything above is DIY'able and there are guides in this forum on how to do them, so put yourself a few hours aside and break out the spanners :)

If I am honest its most likely that your EGR and/or DPF is coked up but everything in the list above needs to be done to an oil burner to keep it strong, especially if you do short runs. If you do long runs regularly your DPF should be fine so can be excluded)
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