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Was across the road from my place in a small hotel's bar after a long days work last night.

7 expats speaking poor English came in and were very loud and cheerful. Nothing against that.
After reading the local French paper I went out on the terrace to have a cigarette. 5 of them followed suit and there they were in a small group smoking on the terrace when one decided that he liked the ashtrays and they all told him to pocket one on his way out, which he did.
I mentioned it to the barman because I know he's gone to alot of trouble to make a decrepit hotel lounge into quite a nice bar.
He shot out onto the terrace to count his beloved ashtrays (I won't describe them, but they are special) then came in and did something hilarious: He got a box full of cheap ashtrays out and offered one to any of the expats that wanted one!!!
They stopped being so jolly as you would expect and asked what the matter was, to which the barman/owner simply replied that if they wanted ashtrays they could have any in the box but please put the one from the terrace back.
Being somewhat bright, they put 2 plus 2 together and walked up to me to ask me (in English) if I was treating one of their colleagues a thief.
I asked if the man speaking to me was one of the group on the terrace a few minutes back to which he said yes.
So my answer was - Not only am I telling you that he's a thief, but you're a liar because you know and actually prompted him to take it in the first place.
The look on his face when he realised that I was answering in perfect English was great :)


They of course denied anything of the sort to the barman who gave them his most profound apologies and then left. (With the stolen ashtray).

I got a piece of the barman's mind when he came upto me and told me that he couldn't afford to lose clients and who do I think I am calling his clients thiefs and liars....???

If I'm not mistaken, it was the barman/owner who asked the client for his ashtray back in the first place, leaving himself open to a negative answer and the loss of clients?
Shouldn't he have calculated the pros and the cons beforehand and maybe decided to 'let it go' rather than blaming the loss of potential clients on me ?
Having had a very hard day at work dealing with these kind of mid-Atlantic morons on the phone, all I did was let him know that one of them had slipped an ashtray into his pocket. Its not something I do normally, but I was still p***sd off at my days work and the likes of people who think they're above everything.

I'm a bit confused as to whether I acted correctly or not ? and whether to feel guilty of losing some good clients for the guy?

Anybody out there had a similar experience or view on how to act when you see shoplifters etc.

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You were in the right. If the barman prefers that kind of custom, he's welcome to it. Take yours elsewhere.
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