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Forum name

GTLeigh (Previously Leighn)

Real name

Leigh Nethercot




Partner in Lettings & Property Management Company


Near Hinckley in Leicestershire

Marital Status

Married for 17 years to Mandy (known her since we were both 16 at school) with Two Children (Adam nearly 16 & Laura nearly 13)

What cars do you drive and why?

Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS Selespeed 04 – Its my daily car for business & pleasure
Toyota Rav4 Granite 04 – Its My wife's daily car & it’s a bit more practical for the kids & dog

Would you describe yourself as passionate about Alfa Romeo?

I have always wanted an Alfa since I was able to drive, and I now I have one I am passionate about it, to the point where my family call me sad

What or how started your passion for Alfa Romeo and…
… do you think it's fundamental to own one to have the passion?

Difficult to put your finger on why, I guess it's the unique styling of Alfas, none of them conform to the “box on Wheels” style – there is nothing on the road that looks as good or turns heads as the GT at the moment without spending big money.

I think if you own an Alfa you have to be passionate about it, its not just a car it's a statement, beautiful lines, style, history, and personal expression

What do you like most about Alfas?

Styling, sound, everything (except below)

What do you like least about Alfas?

The dealer support is really poor – get this right and the marquee could really succeed, hopefully the Brera, 159 and the new guy at the helm can make a real difference.

What would be your dream cars?

Bentley Continental GT – Elegent, Luxury & Muscle
Ferrari 360 Modena – It's a Ferrari say no more

What car would you least like to own?

Any Vauxhall, Ford, Nissan

In your opinion, what is the most popular thread on AO?

I guess it was the JNT Thread – am I allowed to say that mmm?

Do you remember your first post on AO, and if so, what was it about?

Can't remember must have been about the GT though  :D

What would be your ideal drive in an Alfa (destination, passenger, driving music, etc)?

Driving through Italy, Visiting Monza, Alfa Museum, Rome just me and my wife (no kids), listening to Boston, Queen or ELO….Loud

Any humorous Alfa or car-related stories you wish to share with us?

Not car related but quite funny, when I was a lot younger about 13, I was messing about with some meths & set myself on fire (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!) managed to put out the flames and ran home, had a combat jumper (acrylic) that had melted, got home and checked myself over, no real damage but I had singed my hair & removed my eyebrows!! anyway my mum came home and went berserk, asked what had happened & I said “someone had thrown a lit bottle of something at me, well that’s where things escalated, she called my dad who called the police!!, I was interviewed and made up a description, the police went away and tried to find the culprit, eventually the whole thing died down and we got back to normal, I thought I would own up when things had calmed down….I was 30 when I told them the real story!!!

What interests do you have outside of Alfas?

Football – Leicester City Football Club
Fund Raising for the Foxes Trust (Leicester City Football Club Supporters Society)
I.T Stuff

Tell us something nobody knows about you. (e.g. special skill, ever been on TV, etc)

Been on TV a couple of times – Midlands Today Sport & dare I say Noels House Party in the 80's, other than that I am a pretty normal guy (I think)

What do you like most about the Alfaowner forum? Any favourite threads, episodes or posts you wish to share?

Things I like most…… it's a friendly, informative, sometimes funny, sometimes serious forum, you can come & go as you please, always welcoming, really don't have a bad word to say about it, I like to think I have some good long distance friends on the forum. Well done

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Nice interview Leigh, always good too know a little more about the people you talk too, naughty boy with those meths :D i've only recently come clean to my parents about certain childhood pranks too, must be a thirties thing :lol:

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Nice one Leigh, love the meths story :D Lucky they didn't find anyone matching the description you gave!

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Enjoyed the read Leigh - must be nice to work for yourself. I suppose I could also be classed as a property manager - I spent two hours this evening fixing a central heating boiler - and tomorow there are some lawns to be mowed - weather permitting. :p
I too was attracted to this forum when buying my GT as I found it impossible to get any good info on it anywhere else on the net. :rolleyes:

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Nice knowing you better. :D

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No, no. Thank you for let us have the pleasure to know you better. :)
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