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As the title says, I have said to you many times that if this gasket leaks between the variator channels and the inlet ducts then it can be the cause of major oil loss.

Well, the last 2 weeks have been busy for me, not only the cars but at work too and as I leave on my summer vacation I shall start this discusion.

The symptom above may not sound big, but an engine I have just replaced shocked me, NEVER before have I extracted bits of piston rings from the plastic inlet manifold which itself was holding the contents of the sump within it, this led to catastophic failure of the #4 big end, where the conrod is now? I just don't know, but it's NOT in the engine and I can only account for 2/3 of the #4 piston, Also there is a rather nice piece of sump and block material missing right above the dent in the flexi joint of the exhaust,

Now to the reason this all happened: Someone had rebuilt this engine using the original manifold gasket, all the black self sealing material was missing and because of this there was NO seal, every time the engine was running it was pumping oil to the inlet.

This is not really a thread started to scare you, but just to show you why checking the oil weekly can save you a lot of dosh, there was 3 litres in the manifold, now the worst did happen, luckily no-one was hurt as the car is saved, but please if you notice high consumption, just check this gasket, it is the most common cause .


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