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53 plate 2.0 JTS.

The nearside headlight wash nozzle has started dribbling. Five litres of water disappears in about six hours.

I have read the threads here with the pros and cons of having the light washers on the car, and I guess that the problem lies with the valve in one of the hose connectors.

Before I get my toolkit out, and start to get my hands dirty, can anyone tell me whether ALL the hoses and connections (apart from the ones from the tank obviously!) are hidden behind the bumper, or are there some at the front of the car that I could get at from the engine bay? or under the car?

Is it possible that a cack-handed mechanic dislodged something when replacing a wishbone the other week? Or is this just old age creeping on to the car?
Ironically last weekend I was stripping down and repairing the y-connector on the windscreen washers last week!


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