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I receive this mail yesterday:

The Turbo KIT can include all the parts mentioned below That is:

Turbo Exhaust Manifold - Price 440,00 Euro (Alfa 155 8 Valves)
Turbo Exhaust Manifold - Price 600,00 Euro (Alfa 155 16 Valves)

Revised Turbo Snale - Price 840,00 Euro

Thermo Tape for exhaust manifold - Price 50,00 Euro

Ignition Up-Grade to increase the spark power - Price DEPENDING ON ENGINE.

Special Field Effect Torque Master Spark Plugs for Turbo - Price DEPENDING ON ENGINE.

TRIBOTECH IJP engine Treatment. Price 48,00 Euro

Fuel Pressure Regulator (Power Boost Valve) with -Price 98,00

POP - OFF VALVE - PRICE start from 70,00.

ARC1 Air/Fuel Calibrator (Price 360,00 Euro).

High Flow Catalyzer Price starting from start from 230,00 Euro.

PIPERCROSS Direct High Flow Filter.Price start from 78,00 Euro.

We remain at yr disposal for any further question.

Best Regards
Max (TME)
Is a good price? need all pieces of the kit to install it? [I thinks the cat don't know, because I have other different :D]

Know other companys sell turbo kits ? more economics ? I send mail to and, but don't have mail reply :(

Other question, yesterday I saw a Spiral, called Spiral MAX, is valid for all otto motors, see this image:

Cost about 69$ .... its really works? on web promise about 0 to 30% extra power (really do a 1% extra power?? :cheese: )

I don't know, but is very nice!!
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