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Date.....Sunday 23rd October 2011.
Time.....10.30 am approx.
Place....Notcutts Garden Centre to Tunbridge Wells via Battle (southern run)

I have decided to go ahead and attempt to organise another run but this time to meet up at Battle with radicalmachine for his Southern run.
As meeting at Battle (approx 1.30 ish) i thought the following route and rough times might be worth a try.

A) 10.30am....Notcutts Garden Centre. ME14 5LH
B) Maybe stop at a pub for a chilled liquid refreshment.....postcode unknown :eek:
C) 13.30pm....Battle railway station to join the southern run back up to Tunbridge Wells
D) Possibly head off for something to eat and drink if anybody interested :D

Route details as follows:-

Bing Maps - driving directions, routes, and traffic

Fingers crossed will be a good day......:thumbs:
Chubbs :cool:
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