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Well I have finally done it! New rear pads, discs, Powerflex bushes and new bottom hub bearings (Thanks to super Ken!) Took about five hours to do, not including pressing the old bushes out and putting the new bushes and bearings in. That took about 4 hours.

Total costs, Powerflex kit £123.00
Discs and pads £75
ABS Sensor £52

I broke the nearside ABS sensor trying to remove it, it seemed to have “grown” into the hole!!

Costs if replacing all with new parts

Rear suspension Pillar RH £164 + vat
Rear suspension Pillar LH £174 + vat
Rear Hub Bearing £79 + vat x 2
Rear Lower Wishbone £97 + vat x 2
Rear Drop link £21 + vat x 2

So using Kens method to replace the suspension pillar bottom bearings saves best part of £600!!

Ken, if I ever meet you, I owe you a drink (or 3!!) Many, many thanks mate. :)
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