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Hello all - I have just stumbled across this forum whilst searching the web for anyone that has a 159 so that I can compare notes. I have had my 159 jtdm now for about 2 months and have had some small problems with it - so just wanted to know how everyone else is getting on.

to date the problems I have are :

- passengers mirror doesn't always fullly open when the button is pressed
- the engine has a slight ticking noise - louder than expected
- indicators don't always auto cancel (but have been told that is an Alfa trait)
- the plastic panels just below boths seats belts are coming off - the dealer has ordered new ones
- the auto wipers are a nightmare - have seen some posts on here already and that seems the norm!

the car is due to go back to the dealer next week for a few days - so am hoping all can be resolved.

I am really interested to hear from anyone else who has had similar or other issues with their 159.

Apart from that, I love the car - have had 18" wheels fitted and it just looks awesome! Am really pleased with it so far (have done about 5,000 miles to date) - so hope these small issues will be resolved asap.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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