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Kawai Works rear upper strut bar

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Hello there,

I recently installed the rear upper strut bar from Kawai Works (tuner from Japan) and wanted to share some impressions and pictures.
The link for this part:
Similar to the Orque one (which certainly is even more high quality and better looking but twice the price) it is fixed without the need of drilling holes but by simply attaching to the screws which holds the rear seat locking.
The space is tight, but the part fits perfect (as always when installing Japanes tuning parts), looks great and does not use up lots of storage room.
The result is amazing. The car feels so much more planted, agile and in corners you feel the rear turning in / following the front.
It is so much fun to drive (even with stock suspension as I do, since I use the car mainly during winter).
Since Kawai Works itself does not ship to Europe I imported it via Jessee Streeter, which I have already used several times and worked great.
Attached some impressions.


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