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K&N clean kit

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"The problem is the the "special K&N lubricant" could
cause problems to the airflow meter. This lubricant
gets sucked by the engine and burns on the hot wire
from the AFM. This can demage it in the long term.
Using normal (flap) AFM is no problem at all."

This is what a motor engineer told me when i was just to clean and lubricate my K&N replacement filter.
Some experience about this ? JB ?

Tanks in advance
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AFAIK the alfa AFM's seems to be fairly robust and shouldn't have much of a problem.

The Subaru's are very sensitive and i know of many of these to go **** up because of this.

I think the main key is to not over oil the filter.


i think that if you clean it properly and make sure its all nice and dry you shouldnt have a problem,,, but make sure you take the filter off the car to clean it.
The Bosch AMM (the wire thingies are AirMassMeters) can take it without a problem, for sure, other makes I dunno...
The readings should become inaccurate with an oil soaked wire. Most presumably people are messing their AMM wire up trying to clean it afterwards... wink ))
easy jorge...........dont use the oil.... :D
Thanks Jason and Agha33 for your opinions, and JB things are not so easy, because the kid for a K&N filter for working is that needs the spray oil on it. eek!
Hi Jorge,

I don`t know what costs are like for you, but here the cost of the oil is about a third of the price of the filter. If you are in that much doubt about any damage that may be caused, throw away the filter after 50K and buy a new one - it was still cheaper than all those paper filters you would have used for the same miles. Include the pain-in-the-butt factor for re-oiling (its got to be messy :rolleyes: ) and its not a bad option.
Hi Jorge,

K&N's can be trickey to re-oil; how much is too much and how much is not enough?

I've a friend with a Honda CBR600 bike; he over oiled his K&N (Looked OK though) and the thing ran like an absolute dog - spoke to his mechanic who said just don't do it as it's impossible to get right + it helps the filtering if you believe the marketing BS. Obviuosly a bike is going to be more suseptable than a car but still worth bearing in mind.

I agree with Chris; buy a new one, or don't clean it. Or find a K&N service centre (Do these exist??) and make it someone elses problem, Always my favored approach!
Well, yes, I think i´ll do what Chris suggests, use it only
Problem is that after do this I have to use again the original paper filters because K&N doesn´t exists here and I don´t want to remember all troubles I had when I bought it in England
( because of my country, not there ).
Thanks to all
:rolleyes: Jorge
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